Rii K25 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard and Infrared Remote Control with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 1 Piece / Package

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Rii k25 Wireless Mini Keyboard Full Qwerty Keyboard Multifunction Combo For PC, HTPC, Android box
Innovative Shape, Portable, elegant, Perfect for PC, Pad, Android Tv Box, 
Google TV Box, Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC, IPTV. Not work with the amazon fire tv stick! 
Why Choose rii mini k25 wireless keyboard? 
* 2.4G Wireless Receiver Integrated Design
* Innovative Design of the Navigation Keys
* Windows Multimedia Control
* Build-in Large Capacity Rechargable Li-ion Battery: 350mA
* Real QWERT full-function Mini Keyboard
* with IR remote control
* A Perfect Keyboard for your For Windows & Mac OS PC, HTPC, IPTV, PS3 & Xbox 360 etc. 
* Portable, Elegant, Lifestyle
*3-in1 2.4G Wireless mini keyboard + Air Mouse + Remote controller
*Receiver: Nano style, 
*interface: USB 2.0, 
*processor: (MCU) Sonix, 2.4GHz wireless transfer mode, height up to 10m, RF mode: 2.4Ghz GFSKtransmitted power < 5dB, 
*charging voltage: 4.4V~5.25V, 
*charging current: 300mA, standby current < 50uA, 
*operating voltage: 3.7V, working current: <70mA. 83 keys, 6-axis air mouse. 
*Dimensions keyboard: 170mm*49mm*16mm
*Dimensions RF receiver: 19 x 14.3×6.15mm
*Weight: 100g
Pcckage Included: 
. Multifunction keyboard
· USB Wireless Receiver
· User Manual
· USB charging cable
Open the gift box and pick up USB receiver. 
Insert the USB Receiver into an available USB port. Turn on the keyboard. 
The keyboard will be found automatically. No further actions are required – you are now ready to use your keyboard! 
NOTE: USB cable can be used for battery charging. 
Using Air mouse
Air mouse function relies on specific keys to activate. In the open status, the mouse will follow your gestures in any direction, to help you perform the moving, clicking, dragging, etc. In any status, you can use the "Lock" button to lock and
unlock the Air Mouse feature. You will enjoy more convenience and control on-screen menu easier. 
Audio Feature: (Optional) 
Audio feature configuration is available for this device, including MIC, Speaker, Headphone port, etc. Particularly, users can switch the voice broadcasting mode between terminal and keyboard by Audio Switch. Under some systems, the audio feature requires manual configuration. 
Cursor drift correction
When used, the cursor automatically discovered drift, or do not follow the hands-down direction cursor moves the cursor on the need for correction. 
Methods of operation are:  
(1) keyboard is turned on, the keyboard flat on the table.  
(2) Press FN and then release the left mouse button, wait 3 seconds after the calibration is completed. 
Auto sleep and wake up feature. 
The keyboard also have an auto sleep and wake up feature. Within three minutes, if having no key pressed, the keyboard will automatically go into sleep mode. In sleep mode, all lights extinguished state. Users can press any key of the wireless keyboard surface to wake up the device. 
Switching off the keyboard after use
After using the keyboard, push the switch to the "OFF" position. This turns off the keyboard. The USB receiver does not need to be pulled out from the PC. You can use it directly next time. 
How to operate (IR Remote)  
(1) Press the SET of (IR Remote) more than 4 seconds, the (IR Remote) 's light will be flash one time then long-time on;  
(2) Aim the (IR Remote) 's infrared LED at your original remote control's infrared LED in parallel alignment (PS: the relative distance not more than 7 cm) , then  
(3) press any button on (IR Remote) , the (IR Remote) 's light will flash two times then long-time on, it is in learning status.  
(4) Press any button on original remote control, (IR Remote) 's light will be flash three times then long-time on, it is success in learning.  
(5) Repeat the step 2-4, until finish learning all keys.  
(6) Press the set key or 10 seconds without any operation, the device will retire from the learning state. 
Charging the battery
The device uses built-in lithium-ion battery. Please use only approved data cables and chargers. 
Note: Fully charge the unit before initial operation. This device can be used when charging, but charging time will be extended. When the battery is low, the low-voltage light will blink to warn the user. The unit will be automatically turned off if the battery has been depleted. 
·When charging finishes, pull out the charge cable. 
·Never try to open or repair this product yourself. 
·Keep this device away from fluids, such as water. 
·Do not attempt to disassemble the device or replace the rechargeable battery. Doing so will void the warranty. 
·The battery will discharge if it is stored for a long time without operation. 
·Use the specified charger. Disconnect the device when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging the battery will shorten the battery life. 
·Do not expose the device in extreme heat or cold environment, which will shorten the battery life. 

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