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We are a business and commercial-focused Social Network to connect with all your professional and working ecosystem.


We are a B2B Marketplace to show and find Products, Services, Business Real Estates and Companies for Sale around the World.

Collaboration Tools

We are a Collaboration Platform to chat, share, organize tasks, evaluate and decide with your team all related to your Purchasing Processes.


Features & Advantages

GLOBAL NEXUM is the mix and evolution of B2B Marketplaces and Professional Social Networks becoming the unique
B2B Market Network.

Profile Creation: Allow corporate buyers to create and manage detailed business profiles, showcasing their professional information.

Interactions: Users can interact with other professionals, colleagues, experts, and potential suppliers to expand their professional and commercial network.

Content Sharing: Users can share articles, posts, photos, videos, and other content related to their industry or profession to demonstrate their expertise and engage with their network and purchasing teams.

Groups: In groups, users can engage in discussions, share insights, and information with their Company coworkers, with Communities who share similar interests, or with their Purchasing Teams to research, evaluate, and manage the Organization’s Purchasing Interests

Messaging System: It allows users to communicate with their colleagues, brokers, and sellers privately, facilitating networking and collaboration.

Events: Users can create and discover professional events such as conferences, workshops, and webinars to attend or participate in, further expanding their network and knowledge.

Purchase Groups: Collaborate with your purchasing team by creating groups to streamline procurement processes and consolidate purchasing power.

Advanced Evaluation: Collaboratively assess all purchasing options with your team, considering customizable criteria and employing a scoring mechanism to ensure thorough and informed decision-making.

RFS (Request for Solution): Connect with experts or brokers to efficiently find tailored solutions for your business challenges.

RFI (Request for Information): Gather detailed information from sellers about their offerings to inform your purchasing decisions effectively.

RFQ (Request for Quotation): This streamlines the procurement process by asking for competitive seller quotes for specific products or services.

Brokers Network: Streamline your search for solutions by tapping into a network of experienced brokers, saving valuable time and effort in finding the right options for your business needs.

All-In-One B2B Place: Discover a comprehensive range of products, services, real estate, businesses for sale, digital goods, and more, all in a single B2B marketplace.

By Uses Search: Refine searches based on industry-specific criteria and requisitioner departments, ensuring relevance and precision in sourcing.

Search Autopilot: Save customized search criteria and receive notifications when products or services matching your needs become available.

Prices History: Access historical pricing data to inform decision-making, negotiation, and cost analysis based on past trends.

Purchasing Lists: Share and define purchasing lists with your team to streamline procurement processes and ensure alignment on purchasing priorities.

Transaction Flexibility: Empower buyers to choose between closing transactions within our Marketplace or directly in Seller’s e-commerce websites, providing convenience and flexibility tailored to their Buyers’ needs.

Seller and Buyer Profiles: Users can create detailed profiles showcasing their business, products, services, and capabilities. This helps in finding suitable business partners.

Product Catalog: Sellers can list their products or services with detailed descriptions, specifications, and pricing. Buyers can browse through these catalogs to find what they need.

Search and Filter: Robust search and filtering functionalities allow users to quickly find specific products, suppliers, or services based on criteria such as category, price range, location, and more.

Messaging and Communication Tools: Integrated messaging systems enable seamless communication between buyers and sellers, allowing them to discuss product details, negotiate terms, and finalize transactions.

Secure Payment Gateways: we provide secure payment gateways to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring financial security and trust.

Order Management: Users can manage orders, track shipments, and monitor the status of transactions through centralized order management systems.

Supplier Ratings and Reviews: Implement a rating and review system to help buyers assess the quality and reliability of suppliers.


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