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Global Nexum Overview

Global Nexum is the one and only “Collaborative B2B Marketplace and Social Network” designed with the corporate purchase processes and their realities in mind.

Global Nexum is used for buyers, sellers and all other stakeholders in any Business-To-Business purchasing decisions in any business sector.

In it you can find the best option to improve your work and highlight as a specialist in the role that you need to do in any purchasing process in your organization.


In our Platform, corporate buyers save time exploring, evaluating and deciding easier and faster.

They can  subscribe and use all our buyers features for free.

Sellers and other B2B Marketplaces can add their products and services, including business estates, companies-in-sale and special deals. register as B2B selling companies through one of our subscription plans. You can subscribe your company directly here.

When the seller has subscribed and the respective payment has been validated, they will be able to add their products and services according to the chosen subscription plan. Once the products and/or services are uploaded and published, they can be seen by all buyers through our Marketplace.

Part of the price of each subscription plan includes an amount for prepaid promotions and advertising within the Global Nexum platform and network. The price level of each advertising is directly related to the buyer journey’s stage.

In Global Nexum, Marketing Agencies can register their clients as B2B Sellers and manage promotions for them on our platform.

Likewise, anyone with sales or marketing experience in any B2B industry can apply to our BDA program to develop their own Business Development Agency and gain financial freedom by working with us.

Yes. Global Nexum is a born global company and our platform is already used by buyers and sellers worldwide, but we have a few countries restricted. You can see the list of restricted countries in our Terms and Conditions page.

Of course, our B2B social network is in constant growth. If your contact is already registered, you can search for him or her and request a connection on our platform. If not, you can invite him/her to register for free in our social network and then connect with him/her.

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us through the following request inquiry form:

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